How can I join?

Our server is for Minecraft Java Edition 1.16.4. You can join it via the IP aeroteam.craft.gg. Join our Discord for future updates as this information may change.

What are the ranks?

On the Aeroteam Minecraft and Discord servers we offer 3 distinct ranks. Builder, Engineer, and Trusted. Find out more here.

How do I get a rank?

To earn the builder rank, you must either complete a trial or submit images of your work. Find out more here.

Why can trials only be houses?

We know you love building anything and don't want to be forced into just one thing; and we do too! So we still offer a transfer application where you can show off your creations for a rank. However we believe the best way for new members to learn the expectations of our Builder, Engineer, and Trusted ranks is through building a house. It allows us to easily explain ways to improve, and for you to demonstrate your all-round skill. It also makes our decisions on promoting applicants more clear cut as the process becomes standardized.

When will I find out the result of my application?

Every member of our team is a student, meaning our time is very limited. We try to update you on the results of your trial within a month.

I have a rank on the Minecraft server, how do I get it on Discord?

Please do /Discord link on the Minecraft server and follow the instructions.