Builder Applications

On the Aeroteam server, we offer two paths to obtain the Builder rank: a trial and a transfer. If you are a builder coming from a personal world or another server, you can simply fill out the transfer form below to be assessed for a rank. If you are not transferring please continue reading.

You need to be signed into a Google account in order to see this form due to it utilizing Google Drive.

In order for you to gain a rank on the Aeroteam server you must complete a trial. A trial requires the building of a house, we refer to it as a "Trial House." Your trial house will be built on a 40x40 plot. We require that you follow a reference picture given to you by a moderator, and that it is built in our Aeroteam 2.0 Resourcepack.

Step 1: Joining the Server

When you first arrive on the Aeroteam server it is highly suggested that you download our Aeroteam 2.0 Resourcepack. If a moderator is online, they will assist you in beginning your trial. However, if no moderator is present, please submit the Trial Request Form below so a moderator can help you begin your trial.

Step 2: Picking a Reference

The moderator assisting you will ask for your preference of house style. They will find a suitable reference photo of a mid-sized detached home in your preferred style and supply a link to that photo. Keep this link safe as you will need it later! The moderator helping you will then assign you a plot which you can access by entering the command /p h.

Step 3: Building

Begin building your trial house in the Aeroteam 2.0 Resourcepack. We do not require it to be built in a specific scale, however we expect your creation to be proportional and match up with your reference photo. You should spend a minimum of a few hours on your trial. Trials completely quickly are unlikely to pass. Please read the Trial Tips and Rules page for more of our expectations and rules - this page explains how to pass your trial first time! Also read our FAQ for common questions about trials.

Step 4: Applying

Once you have completed your Trial House and your 51x51 plot is completely finished, you may notify the us by filling out the form below. The team will assess your work and notify you of our final decision via Discord.

Step 5: Result

If you pass, great, congratulations! You're our newest ranked member! A moderator will get you set up with a plot and answer any of your questions.

If your application was denied, don't feel down! You will be given 3 main things to improve. Work on your trial, and re-apply when you believe you have improved - we encourage learning! (re-submitting a trial will be limited to once every two weeks)