Trial Tips and Rules

Trial Rules

You may not copy someone else's trial

You may not utilize builds from a tutorial

You may not incorporate someone else's work

You may not receive building physical building assistance. However, tips and advice are allowed, and are even encouraged!

Your 51x51 plot must be entirely full and an interior must be included before applying. Do not submit an application that is missing large parts of the lawn, interior or other miscellaneous items

Trial Tips

Don't use Minecraft trees, build your own! Trials utilizing Minecraft trees are almost guaranteed to fail. They do not demonstrate any skill and lack creativity. Instead practice making your own

Add depth to windows and surfaces instead of flat walls. This demonstrates to us that you are able to work in a 3D space and are capable of advanced building techniques

Match textures and colors to your trial reference

Use multiple blocks to create a textured surface. A good implementation of this shows us your skills of working with all of Minecraft's blocks

Match the proportions of your Minecraft creation to your trial reference - this is very important to passing a trial

Get creative with places we can't see in photos

Add a landscape and terraforming

Layout a practical and realistic floorplan. Consider the size of the house you're building, and what might be included inside it

Experiment with detail. We love to see attention to detail, and it could help you pass your trial

Look at other approved trials for inspiration! (These trials have a blue (for Builder) and orange (for Engineer) border around them)